Superior Bail Bonds offers 24/7 phone approval process when a family or friend is arrested in Southern, Central or Northern California. 

When a family or a  friend has been arrested and booked in the jail facility, it can be confusing and terrible for those dealing with the arrest outside. Trying to  bail someone out of jail without assistance is often a complicated, and misleading information can be given due to lack of knowledge of the process and procedures taken by both police departments and county sheriff jails. Superior Bail Bonds, a family southern California business serving Santa Barbara, Ventura, Los Angeles, Orange, San Diego and the Inland Empire have been doing this since 1995.  Superior Bail Bonds and its licensed and bonded professional agents know the process from arrest, booking, release and court.  Let us help you relieve the stress without dealing with the arresting agency at all.  You will find that many times that the arresting agency will only provide limited information and when different family or friends are calling the holding facility, they are just prolonging the booking and release time due to the constant inquiries made to jail staff.  We are the professionals and the jails know this is what we do, so information is gathered a lot quicker then the public can obtain. So when a family or friend is arrested, immediately contact Superior Bail Bonds so we may monitor the booking process of that arresting agency and explain to you of how bail posting works for that arresting agency.  You will be surprised at how streamlined the process for release will be when you call us. We will provide updated information regarding when bail can be accepted, by phone and via text, so you can continue on to your daily task until its time to pick up your family or friend. Superior Bail Bonds, your professional Southern California bail agency is dedicated to providing quick, caring, and confidential help when you need it most—24 hours a day, 7 days a week, including holidays.  

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Upon answering your call , and professional licensed and bonded agent will be assigned to your case based on the location of your family or friend.  Being assigned a professional bail agent, helps with the stress, because you only have to deal with one agent through out the bail process.  Its a unique way of helping our clients and places a more personal service for you our valued customer.  After posting bail, we do not stop there, because you will be assigned a professional bail agent to further explain your first appearance in court and how that particular court operates its day to day court calendar.  Your bail agent will be available to assist you anytime, with questions regarding your bail or court appearances, including but not limited to, verification of court dates and times, assigned public defender contact info, reinstatement request of bond, copies of court paperwork and more.

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