Bail By Phone & E-Sign Online 24/7. Ask us how, Call us now!

Superior Bail Bonds has simplified the process of posting bail, which not only helps us reduce paper, but streamlines the process from first call to bail posting 24/7 and all holidays. Superior Bail Bonds realizes the disadvantage that posting bail for someone may be an inconvenience due to the timing or distance to name a few.  However we now offer for qualified clients the option of completing the process over the phone, and signing online.  This includes not only on your desktop or laptop, but any iphone or android device.  With our new “esignature” option, you may not have to leave your home or office to post bail. To qualify, please call toll free 1-877-955-2245 any time and speak with a professional licensed and bond family bail agent.

Posting bail using our esignature process can allow you to finish your day at work until your family or friend is ready to be picked up. We can complete all necessary paperwork online at your convenience.

To expedite the process of bailing somebody out please call 1-877-955-2245 . We will handle your call personally and the sooner you contact us the sooner we can contact the jail to start the release process.